Community Development Services

New Haven Urbanism offers a variety of Community Development Services to Greater New Haven area residents and homeowners looking to participate in and benefit from opportunities in the local real estate market. Design, planning approval, building permitting, real estate marketing, and other development services are currently available. New Haven Urbanism also offers presentations, consultations, and advice for government agencies and institutions interested in Community Planning and Development.

ATTENTION: If you are the owner of a single-, two-, or three-family house in the City of New Haven, and are interested in creating an additional housing unit(s) for an aging relative, an adult child, temporary guests, AirBnB, a rental unit, please email for more information.

architectural drafting
Would you like an architectural scale model built of your residence? Do you need a set of architectural drawings like floor plans, elevations, sections, or 3D renderings? Are you interested in finishing your basement, converting your garage, expanding your residence, or reorganizing the layout of your house in order to increase functionality, generate additional rental income, or accommodate changing household demands?

zoning approval

Are you having trouble seeking zoning approval to add an additional dwelling unit in a residential structure? Gaining zoning approval from your town can be difficult, time consuming, and confusing. New Haven Urbanism offers help navigating the land use approval process in your town.

building permitting

Applying for a building permit through your city’s Licensing Department can be overwhelming and challenging, but New Haven Urbanism can help your project move through the process smoothly.


Do you have vacant rooms or unfinished spaces on your property that you’d like to use differently? Are you curious about the income-generating potential of your residence? Would you like to know how you can participate in and benefit from opportunities in your local real estate market? Do you have questions about operating a short-term stay room, a home businesses, or a rental apartment?


Do you represent a municipality interested in amending its zoning ordinance to reflect the best practices of current planning? Do you need help facilitating public meetings and information sessions to residents? Would your department staff benefit from informative presentations on topics related to current planning and development trends?

(Coming soon…)

(Coming soon…)

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